Saturday, April 23, 2016

Essie Retro Collection Swatches.

Hi there Everyone!
I decided to see what all the fuss was about with the re release of some Essie polishes. The Essie Retro collection comprised of many different Essie polishes that were popular over the past few years. The biggest talk was of them re releasing Starry Starry Night.
 This was a big deal!!!!! Ever since they deleted it many years ago, people have been trying to buy this polish, It has even sold for several hundred $$$ on ebay!!!!
There has been a few dupes over the years, but who would not want a essie version!!!!
So lets check them out shall we??!!

Bikini with a Martini-  Is a pink shimmer polish. It is quite thin in consistency and even with 3 coats I could still see my nail line. I did however like the polish. Nice and subtle on the nail.

Birthday Suit- Is a classic Essie shade, the jelly like consistency of this polish would make it perfect for layering with glitter. I used 2 coats but did not get full opacity.

Life of the Party- Is a deep red polish that has a metallic/shimmer finish. I almost got away with one coat but I used 2 for my swatch. I really love this polish and if i find a full size bottle I will be buying one!!!

Starry Starry Night- So this is the one everyone has been talking about. I used 2 coats for opacity and I totally see why everyone love the colour. Now.... saying this...... the remake of Starry Starry night looks nothing like the original. Sure it is blue and tiny glitter, but the original had diamond dust in it where this has what I would describe as 0.008 glitter in it. I just don't get why they could not remake this correctly. Even without diamond dust 0.004 or smaller glitter would have looked closer.
I don't have the original but I do have a dupe of the original that apparently is pretty much exact so when I compared them you can see the difference.

I purchased this mini set on Ebay for USD$9.99.

Until next time.....