Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Type 40 Swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!
I've posted my pics most places but totally realised I'd not actually blogged this polish!!!!! *facepalm*  So today I'm sharing the Pretty Serious Cosmetics Type 40 polish. I loved that PSC released this colour, That special blue box is one of the things I remember from my childhood and as I have grown up, I have been lucky enough to share my love of Doctor Who with my daughters,

I have been to the original Doctor who museum in Llanglollen north Wales back in 1999 (my hubby family are from Llanglollen so it was one of the first places he took me!!) and When we re visited the UK in 2009 I took my daughter to the new Doctor who museum. Here are a few pics ;)

Zoe was SOOO little then!!!!!! she still loves doctor Who and watches it all the time!!!!
Shes been to comic con as the TARDIS as well as going out in her Black milk TARDIS Slouchy!!!

We even had a TARDIS Gingerbread house this year for christmas... 

So lets get on with checking out Type 40!!!!

It is a amazing blue which you only need one coat. I used 2 but I did not really need it!

As you can see with this polish a slightly different light source changes the colour completely I tried so hard but could not get 2 photos the same!!! and for me that's no something that usually happens to me!!

All I can say is the polish is perfect. And I went and brought 2 more bottles after my Press Sample arrived!!!

You can still purchase from Pretty Serious Cosmetics for $9.95 a bottle

Until next time.....