Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rimmel Super Gel polish Swatches.

*Press Samples.

Hi there everyone!!!!
Today I have the Rimmel Super Gel polishes. There are 15 in the collection and I ahve 12 to share with you today.

The Premise with this particular polish collection is that it has the durability of gel but no UV or LED lamp is required. The polish "cures" under the normal UV rays outside.
This is suppose to give the polish durability and the claims are it lasts up to 14 days.

I wore Rimmel Blue Babe to road test these claims. I wore 2 coats of the colour and one coat of the special top coat that came with the colour. The top coat is suppose to help the durability. The polish dried super quick as did the top coat. When I wore it i had hard gel overlays on my nails, so the polish went straight over these.
 I had 7 days wear and did not get a single chip. I was very impressed as i usually chip my polish in a day!
On the 10th day I had some decent tip wear so I removed the polish to swatch the rest.
Very impressive.

OK so lets check out the colours.....

Please note that every colour I used 2 coats and the top coat as per the instructions. Now saying this, some of the darker colours I could have got away with one coat due to the pigmentation.

New Romantic-

Angel Wing-

Cocktail Passion-

Red Ginger-

Rock n Roll-

Urban Purple-

Perfect Posy-

Happily Evie After-

Bare Hug-

Soul Session-

Blue Babe-

Shallow Bay-

All of these polishes can be purchased from Priceline for $9.95 each. You can also get them at your local pharmacy's and stores like Target and Big W.

Until Next time.....