Wednesday, April 27, 2016

OPI Infinite Shine Polish Road test.

Hi there everyone!
Today I wanted to share the OPI infinite shine polish series,
The idea of this polish range is to provide a hard wearing polish range that will give clients up to 14 days wear.I purchased the base and top coat plus one colour to road test.

I read the instructions and applied a layer of base coat, then 2 coats of colour and finally a single layer of top coat. I did notice that the base coat took a little while to dry, while the top coat dried super fast.

Here is Day One.

Day Three- After the first 3 days I noticed a small amount of tip wear on 2 nails. this was it. the only other thing I noticed was the top coat was not as shiny as it was on day 1.

Day Five- By day 5 I had more tip wear and I also noticed some wear on other parts of my nail. Not a great deal but it was starting to bug me.

Day Eight-  So I totally forgot to take a picture before I removed the polish. But I ended up with even more tip wear. At no time did I actually get any chips which for me was amazing!!!!
For most people I think they would get 2 weeks of wear from this collection. For me the tip wear annoyed me way too much as I am so use to changing my polish every day!

You can purchase  Infinite Shine polishes at International beauty supply for wholesale purchase.

Until next time.......