Sunday, August 19, 2012

A little catch up with swatches and a belated franken friday...

This week has just been chaos! with Rob not home now during the week due to his job and 2 sick children with flu etc plus deadlines on some publications i am meant to finish....just no time for polish! I even went 2 days with nothing on my nails! blasphemy!!!!

Thought i did catch up on Aussies nails FB most days via my iphone i did not even see much new polish out there apart from the new Australis Limited Edition Fairy bread. It is real nice. Multi coloured hex in 2 sizes.
I did my nails with it today. Priceline has the polish on sale for 2 for $10.00 at the moment so that is almost BOGOF! I picked up 3 and a colour called flip flop which i will swatch later. but for now here is fairy bread

 I layered over OPI Nicki Minaj- did it on em it took 4 coats to get full coverage of the green and then 2 coats of fairy bread. i used SV top coat.

This was not the first bottle though. unfortunately last night as i was going to do this mani i opened the bottle to find that all the silver hex glitter was curling. :( so i took it back today and believe it or not out of the 3 bottles they had in store 2 of them were also curling . it was quite clear in the bottle. so keep an eye out for this ok guys. Maybe a bad batch? i did buy them from 2 different pricelines...who knows.!

I have also been frankening today. Zoe my eldest wanted me to make a pink with a blue shimmer so i mixed up for her this polish.

But as she had just done her nails she asked if we could paint Poppys nails(my 1 year old) so i said why not! here is poppys nails. only 1 coat though. and excuse the cheeto crumbs on her hands! it was the only way to keep her still......
Notice the little polish on the right of the pink swatch? this is a trial i am looking at for xmas to give my friends. a white jelly with red green and gold hex in 2 sizes. good coverage and only 1 coat!