Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Great Aussie Polish 4

And we are on to day 4!!!
For this post i thought i would share with you a massive bargain i got in Penrith a few weeks ago. I have posted before about this but here is one of the polishes that i have swatched.

Glitter Gal Holo Copper.

Now with all holos i apologize for the pictures. it is SO hard to get a good pic of the rainbowy goodness but we have had real cloudy days here so a daylight light had to do :(
I managed to get this beauty for only $1.00!!! i was so excited when i found them! saying that i went back to get some for a few swaps and they had gone up to $2.00 each but still a bargain!!

You can see a little of the holly goodness but only a tough. i even tried to photshop the colour a bit better but no luck :( as you can see in the bottle it is lovely!
I used rebuild for base coat(my nails are still flakie :( ) and then 3 coats of GG copper. no top coat was used for this shot.
The copper really is more red than copper so i really like it!

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