Friday, December 28, 2012

Essence Snow White Collection Swatches and review.

so Essence brought out in Target this month a Fantastic range of polishes called Snow White and the seven dwarfs...after the movie.
When i saw that these polishes were coming out i just HAD to have them!
I have always been a sucker for Essence polish as 99% of the time their polish i a "one coater"and i love that about their products.

So as soon as i knew the release date i went to my local target and brought thee whole set,along with the decals.

Unfortunately i got a dud set of decals but the fantastic people at Essence were happy to swap it for another set that were fine. there things happen from time to time but as long as i get good service...which i did ! i am a happy bunny!!!

So where do i start??? as you can probably gather there are 7 "dwarf"polishes, snow white, and then several glitter toppers, which included-evil queen, the huntsman and prince charming.

so i think i will start with the dwarfs..........

First up is Bashful.

Bashful is a really nice green with a fine gold fleck through it. I was quite happy with the formula but it did take 3 coats to get the above look. i also used 1 coat of Seche vite as a top coat.

Next is Doc......

Doc is a bright orange creme. with 2 coats this polish was opaque and i have nothing like it in my collection so i was really pleased with this polish. I also used SV as a top coat.

The third polish is  called Dopey.

I love the colour but i was not a fan of the formula. i love how the polish has the small silver flecks through it but after 3 coats of this polish i was struggling to get it opaque and i did not want to go to a fourth coat as it would have never dried. I think in future i am going to put a base coat of white on so i only need 1 or 2 coats,cause i just love this colour SO much i am willing to forgive it for the formula.

The next polish is called Grumpy.

I have to say this was my Favourite of all the polishes in the collection....Yes EVEN the glitters. you know why? because this polish has pretty much filled my wish for a polish called Baker Street by Nails inc.
Yep you heard right! this little polish of Awesomeness is nearly a dupe for that very expensive and elusive polish called Baker street. I Was so happy!!!!! I really wish i could get another bottle of Grumpy but the target i went to only had one bottle left. so i will be wearing it sparingly.
I am wearing 2 coats with a top coat of SV. i would have liked to wear 3 coats to make it fully opaque but i just did not want to waste it :) I am certainly in love with this polish.

The next polish is called Happy.......

This really says Happy! 2 coats of Happy with a top coat of SV. i have every yellow that essence has made and this polish is totally unique to their collections that i have. the formula was a little thick but nothing a few drops of polish thinner would not fix. this is defiantly a keeper.

The second last dwarf is called Sleepy.

This polish is another pretty colour it is a pale blue with a almost purple shimmer in certain lights and in some lights a blue/aqua shimmer. very hard to catch on the camera.
Though i love the colour the formula was a little watery for my liking. it took 3 coats to get the above pics but i think i could have done with a fourth. i also used SV as a top coat.
Again like Dopey i think in future i will pop over a white base.

And the Last Dwarf is Sneezy.

 I have never been a much of a brown polish person but this was a really nice warm colour. the fine fleck in the polish made it have a bit of character,and not look dull and boring. i used 2 coats to get the above look with SV as a top coat.

OK so now for the Glitters........

 First up is Evil Queen.

I Dabbed on the glitter with this polish as it was really hard to get the hexes to go where i wanted them. i actually ended pouring a bit of polish onto an old bit of plastic and fished out the hexes. then moved them about on my nail. i would have liked a more even spread of the hexes but i had a 2 year old on my arm at the time so it was hard to get them even!
There was no curling or bleeding of this glitter so i was happy about that! a really pretty polish!

Next up is The Huntsman.

Personally i am not a huge fan of gold and copper glitter but there is a gap in the market at the moment for this colour combo and it was great to see that Essence filled it! The combo of the different size hexes and then shredded glitter made a good coverage on the nail and the above result was after only 1 coat!  I did love how it looked over happy! but i think i would like to give it a go over a black polish next.

The last glitter is prince charming.

For some bizarre reason this polish was really hard to photograph! i must of taken over 20 shots and could not, for the life of me get a good shot of this polish. my camera just did not want to play ball!
But anyways, prince charming is a really pretty blue hex with small holo glitter mixed in. the blue hex, which is a bright aqua blue is perfect! THe polish even reminds me a little of a glass slipper more than prince charming but i still loved this a lot! I have used 1 caot above over grumpy.

So lastly...... the final polish...... Snow White.....

If you like reds, you will love this. i got good coverage with this polish, the formula was great and i did the above man in only 2 coats plus a top coat of SV.
Another happy finding that this polish is a very close dupe of a Essie winter 2012 polish, called snap happy. they are almost dupe on the nail.  a great alternative to a expensive bottle of polish!

Now finally i have used a few of the decals on my manis. I tried several of them and they went on with no problems. in the pics i did not put a top coat on as i was changing my mani for swatching but under normal wear i would pop a top coat over the top to protect them.
i was quite impressed as my 2 year old kept going on saying "apple! Apple"so i popped several of the apples on her thumb nails and put some top coat over them. they lasted a whole day! which is good when you are talking about a little one.

So there you have it! the Snow white collection. i think my top pics are Grumpy, and Doc. both are such great colours and i just want to wear them all the time!!!

These polishes can be found in Target and range from $3.25 to $3.95 depending what polish you purchase.

Tara :)