Sunday, December 23, 2012

Essie christmas collection 2012 swatches and review.

Hello everyone! only a few more days till xmas., i cannot believe i have not done 1 single xmas mani yet! i have been crazy busy and just not had the time! plus i am waiting for my stamping plates from born pretty and 3 weeks later and still no plates :(

anyways, i purchased several of the Essie winter collection this year as the colours are just SO nice! i do not own many Essie polishes, but when i saw butler please i knew i had to purchase them!
so here we go.........

first up is....... Beyond Cozy.

 What can i say...... OMG! this polish is awesome! it is a really densely packed platinum coloured glitter. it was almost opaque with one coat, but i used 2 coats with no top coat. I reckon with a coat of seche vite and it will look even better! I only brought a mini bottle of this but i think i will buy a full size cause i just love it!

Next up is..........

I was a little disappointed with this polish as i saw a bunch of swatches and i really thought it would look better on the nail. I was expecting more glitter in the red jelly but weather it was because i had a mini bottle or maybe a dud one, you can see the glitter is not that densely packed. Don't get me wrong it is such a great colour, but i am glad i only got a mini. i tihnk i will stick to China Glaze Ruby pumps for my red jelly glitter.
This was 2 coats with no top coat.

The third polish is....Snap Happy......

Snap Happy is a lovely red creme. I think Essie has a great Red creme in every collection they do! I think more than anything i was a sucker for the name. I am not a Red polish person, but i quite like this polish. it went on great and this was 2 coats with no top coat, and look at the shine!!! Out of all the ones i brought this was the one that my daughter Poppy ,who is 2, likes the best! as soon as she saw it shew was shouting "Nails! Nails!" so she was sporting snap happy for 2 days on her nails!If you are looking for a similar colour a little cheaper, try Essence Snow White. i forgot to do a swatch comparison but they are quite similar.

Ok..Next up.... is Where's my Chauffeur?

Can i just say first up  that i Adore this colour. between this and butler please, they were my lemmings from the collection. But unfortunately i did not like the consistency of this polish :(
I was gutted when i put it on. the formula was suppose to be a creme but it was really watery and it took 4 coats to get opaque look and no nail line. these are without top coat. as you can see in the pics it is still not 100% opaque. i really want to wear this again and again cause of the colour but the formula is really stopping me. again? a dud bottle? this was in the mini set also and maybe the travel from USA to australia affected the polish? who knows... but if it was not for the great colour this polish would be on my do not buy list!

So last up........

So, butler please. This was the reason i even looked at the essies from the winter collection. I have had a lemming for Nails Inc baker street and it is almost impossible to get it in australia. so when Butler please came out i was like "I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!"
And it did not disappoint. I have used 2 coats with not top coat. the KAPOW! blue with this polish is great and confused my camera a little!!!

I think i am going to wear this polish a lot of times!!! and it had really helped me with my desire for nails inc baker street!!!

so verdict???

Beyond cozy,snap happy and butler please are my fav picks!
 I do love the colour of wheres my chauffeur? but the watery formula really turned me off, so my search for the prefect aqua/green colour.. and leading lady? well i love this colour but i thought there would be more glitter in the bottle.

What you you think???

Tara :)