Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OPI Skyfall mini bondette collection swatch and review

Who doesn't like James bond and well Daniel Craig!..... :p
And when OPI announced that they were creating a 007 collection of polish i thought "yeah!" cause i knew that because i had a hubby that also loved bond..and totally for different reasons i do LOL!! i could con him into buying a bunch of them for me, without the constant nagging of..."don't you have enough polish?"

Last weekend i was a very lucky lady cause Myer got OPI in and my hubby brought me the bondettes home with him!

and here they are for me to review!

First up is Goldeneye-

I loved this polish in the bottle! it is just so pretty. but i got ever so frustrated with the polish when i put it on. I definitely think i needed some kind of undies with this polish. after 3 coats as you can see above it still was not perfect. maybe i am impatient but i like a polish to give me full coverage in 2 coats. i did not use any top coat for these cause i wanted you to see  what it looks like by itself. I have to say tho it is an awesome gold! but i just wish it was not so patchy :(

Next up is the spy who loved me -

Of the reds this is not my favorite. i would have likes to get die another day rather than this one but even so it was a really nice red this is 2 coats. the first coat went on a little streaky but the second fixed it right up.
my nails are really shiny due to me trying out essie dry oil  which i mush say worked really well apart from the shininess i got!

next up is The world is not enough-

This polish was another one i was really excited about when i saw the promos for it. again though it was quite sparse and after 3 coats i felt i could still see a bit of my nail line :(  I will make sure i wear undies next time i wear this.  the colour does not translate from the bottle to the nail but i still love this colour!

Last up is live and let die-

This polish was the one that surprised me the most. I was not expecting i would love it so much!
but i am seriously thinking about getting a full size bottle of this polish! It is an awesome British racing green with fine gold flecks through it. and it is a 1 coater! the swatches about are only 1 coat and no top coat!
This one was the winner for me out of the mini set!
Well i hope you  like the swatches and go to your local myer and pick a few up!

Tara :)