Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OPI Black spotted Swatch and review....

Ok.... So after a huge delay in our group buy that we did in July...YES! July!! we finally got our black spotted polish last month. a HUGE thanks goes out to kelly for sorting this out for us all at Aussie Nails and the patience she had with the sagas involved getting these polishes!

So OPI black spotted. There a few things you need to know with this polish.... Firstly it is AWESOME! i love the finished look. but there are a few issues with the polish.
First up is you HAVE to put the black spotted over COMPLETELY dry nails. if you do not do this black spotted ends up as black crackle. i do not know why?? but it does. secondly is that you have to use the smallest amount of polish on your brush and you cannot really go over your nail to fix it up. once its on its on. remember both these things and your nails will look awesome.
so here are the swatches. i put my spotted over color club metamorphis.

 *on a side bar..... make sure you use a LOT of base coats if you are using metamorphis. the blue polish managed to stain all through my gel nails and actually my nails as well!!! never again will i wear that colour :( *

how great is that polish!!!!

i used 2 coats of the colour club as a base and 1 thin coat of black spotted. then 1 coat of seche vite on top.

Tara :)