Thursday, December 27, 2012

Look what i got for xmas!!!!

So this is a quick post cause i am so excited!!!! my brother got my my biggest lemming of the year!
OPI the man with the golden gun! it is SO pretty!!!
here is a quick swatch.

I put it over OPI tomorrow never dies.
 i have 3 coats of tomorrow never dies and then 2 ocats of TMWTGG. the first coat wen on kinda sparce but the second coat made up for it. and note REALLY need to shake the bottle well to get the gold on your nail. and another tip is if you wipe the brush on the neck of the bottle the polish seems to go back in but leave a a fair bit of gold on the inside of the bottle neck. i then just dabbed the brush in to get more flecks.

I also got the living daylights for xmas from my hubby, and i just brought moonraker and on her majestys secret service. so i will swatch soon to add the the review.

Tara :)