Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas Is a coming!!!

Hello there everyone!!!!
Christmas is only 43 days left till Christmas!! Yep it is that soon!!!! So over the next 4 weeks I will be sharing with you all some great gifts out there this year for you to treat yourself? or maybe hint to your other half that you "need" a specific polish!
Well Loki's Lacquer will be the place to come or send your other half to see what's out there!!!
I will be tagging all the posts with gifts and ideas with the tag "xmas2014" so if you want to quickly check you can just either search on the blog or click on the tag on the right.

So what do I have install..........?

I will be sharing where to get the best deals on gifts from brands like Sally Hansen, OPI, Glitter Gal and what's on offer indie polish wise. Ill also share non polish xmas ideas :)

Then to top it all off I will be having a giveaway!!!!!! A Christmas Thank you for everyone who has been following this little blog for the past 12 months!!!!!

so until next time.......
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