Sunday, November 23, 2014

OPI Coca Cola comparison post part 2 AU V's USA versions.

Hi there everyone!!!!

Over the past few weeks I have posted the OPI Coca Cola Collection Swatches and then in another post I showed you all the Comparison Swatches so you can see what is and is not similar to the collection. The one thing I realised when I was swatching the collection was 2 of the polishes names were different to what I had read online. I contacted the Australian distributor of OPI and asked the Question....why were the names different? was it a type on the promo bottles I received?  (this does happen... I have a bottle of OPI Christmas gone Plaid with a label that says Christmas gone paid *giggles* ) But nope, there was an AU and USA version of 2 polishes.
So I could see and share with you the differences between the 2 polishes I ordered the USA version online to swatch.

So lets check them out!

First up was the silver Diet cola inspired polish. 
My Signature is "DC"was the USA version I had seen swatches of, but when I received my AU samples the silver polish had the name- Turn on the haute light. 

Left- My signature is "DC"  Right- Turn on the haute light

Base shot. (note the AU version on the right is a promo bottle so the label is slightly different to a purchased one
Comparison shot.

As you can see the 2 polishes are exactly the same. no difference in formula or colour. I will keep both as I collect OPI but you dont need both. either version is awesome and will give you the same results.

So the second polish was the Fanta inspired polish. I was super excited to receive the Orange glitter bomb which I had my eye on from the first moment I saw swatches. When I received the collection there was no glitter bomb only a basic orange creme. I was gutted! Again I contacted the OPI distributor and asked was there an error, but nope the AU version is different to the USA Version.

The USA version is named Orange you fantastic! and the AU version is named Orange you stylish! 
Lets have a look.

Lest- Orange you fantastic!  Right- Orange you stylish!

Base shot- note the AU version on the right has a promo label so it is slightly different.

Orange you stylish!

Orange you fantastic! over Orange you stylish!
Im glad I got the AU version. I actually do not have an orange this colour in OPI all the others I have are either more pink or yellow. this is what I would call a pumpkin orange and I love it. I'm also glad that I ordered the USA version. The glitter went on a charm and I only needed 1 coat for the above coverage. I would even say that 3 coats ant it would have been opaque due to the coloured jelly base.

I hope you find this helpful when purchasing your OPI coca Cola Collection. Both versions are awesome and honestly the whole collection is worth purchasing!

You can pick up the AU versions from Myer and David Jones  and they retail for $19.95 each,

Until next time......
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