Thursday, November 13, 2014

Glitter Gal Cosmetics are having a Flash sale frenzy!!!!!

Hi there everyone!!!!!
As Christmas is getting near and  we start to think what we want for Christmas from our other half's or family, Its time to check out what amazing offers are out there to be had!!!

The first one which is happening tomorrow and Friday Is an amazing offer so get your links ready to send to your partners!! "Hint Hint" Glitter Gal are having FLASH sales every week leading up until Christmas and boy oh boy are they Doozies!!!!!!!

Here is the First FLASH sale........

Yep! you saw it here!!!! Glitter Gal are offering 40% off YES!!! 40% off all their new cremes for 2 days. Just use the code AUSSIESLANG to get your discount!!!!!

Make sure you follow Glitter Gal on Facebook as well for all their FLASH sales over the weeks leading to Christmas. But in case you forget, make sure you subscribe to my blog or Bloglovin as I will be sharing them with you each week.

Until next time.......
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