Monday, December 1, 2014

Aussie Nails monday- sandy claws

Hi there everyone!!! This morning for Aussie nails monday we have the theme....Sandy claws. I thought CATS!!! then realized it was texture polish!!!

The mani I did for sandy claws with a cat was not really the right thing! but Dance legend came to the rescue! I have hteir texture top coat polish called Sahara. It is amazing. You can pop it over any mani to create a textured mani. amazing right?!?

Herei s my mani.
I had used the new Celestial Cosmetics Facebook Celestial Star Group exclusive - Orion and then Celestial cosmetics Obsidian. I used Zoya Elisa for the red and some cat decals from Born Pretty Store.

I love the effect the Sahara top coat creates!!!!

Make ure you check out everyone elses ANmondays manis!!!!

Until next time......
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