Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nail Superstore gel polish swatches

*Press Sample

Hi there everyone! Today is Gel polish Friday and I have some new gels from Nail Superstore.

Nail superstore has released some low cost gel polishes that everyone can afford. There is 2 collections atm. neons and glitters. The glitters are more like shifting shimmers tho and super pretty. I have both collections today to show you.

Both collections took only 30 seconds under a LED light and 2 mins under a UV light. I tried them under my Gelicious LED lamp, Sally Hansen LED lamp and my Sensationial LED lamp. I also tried them under a basic UV lamp which was provided to me by the nail superstore.
I also used the Nail superstores gel base coat and top coat with all of these gels.

Lets look at the neons first.

All of the neons were layered over 2 cured coats of white gel. I found that it was better to use 3 thin cured coats of the neon gel rather than a thicker coat. The gel did pool a little to the sides of my nails as you will see in the photos but I have really curvy nails and this does happen to me with most gels at some point.
Some of the gels had little bits of pigment in them that did not seem to be mixed in but when put on the nail I could not really see it at all. So no worries there.

Pink Tutu-

Totally Pink-

Surprise Me-


Next up are the shimmer/glitters. All of these had a shift in colour in them tho some were easier to capture than others.
I layered 2 cured coats of black gel and then one cured coat of the colour. 

Pep Talk-

Inspire me-  


Mixed Up- 

Out of the 2 collections I really loved the glitter/shimmers. They are quite unique out of all the gel polish I have. The neons will be awesome for summer! 

The  Nail Superstore sells all these gels for $9.95 each. they also sell the base and top coat along with black and white gel. They also sell a starter kit with everything you need for $99.00

Until next time...........

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