Saturday, December 20, 2014

Femme Fatale nail art.

Hi there everybody,
Today I have some Femme Fatale spam for you. Each week over at Femme Fatale Fiends on Facebook we have a weekly challenge. from pigment nails to fairy themes everyone has the opportunity to join in and even win the monthly prize.

Ok so on with the spam!!!

Mr Pinchy and Mushroom cloud

gravity Lapse 

lunar halo

falling glacier (2 coats) and then 1 coat of snowy bramble.

Timelapse, do it for twinkles, time for slime and abuse the ooze.

Fatale Fatal attraction, Imperial eve and Neptune Tempest

Pigment nails -Flair,Lemon sweets,emerald dream,stars sorrow and Riptide. I also used Heat signature which is a blush for the pink.

Until next time.....
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