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New Years Eve Gel Manicure Tutorial with SensatioNail Gel polish

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Hi there everyone!!! How did you all fair after Christmas? Did you get lots of polish goodies???

Well now Christmas is over its time to think about what you are going to do with your nails for New Years Eve!!!
 Well fear not!!! I have grabbed my SensatioNail Gel Polishes and created an awesome NYE mani for you to recreate. 

So with all SensatioNail Gel polishes you will need the following- 
  • SensatioNail LED Lamp
  • SensatioNail Primer
  • Sensationail base/top coat
  • SensatioNail Clenser
  • Lint free wipes
This will give you a clean durable gel manicure with up to 2 weeks of non chip wear. Preparation is everything. If you have a clean nail that has been primed and lint free your mani will adhere better and last longer.

OK so lets check out what else we need!

With this Manicure you will also need the following-
  • Heart 2 Art Nail art tools
  • Make up sponge
  • Nail aprons (optional)
  • SensatioNail White lily
  • SensatioNail Cool breeze
  • SensatioNail Silver glitter
  • SensatioNail Beat the heat
  • SensatioNail Teenie Bikini
  • SensatioNail Midnight Rendezvous
  • SensatioNail Blue yonder
  • Fuse Gel Such a Lazer

Lastly If there is a specific skyline you want to recreate get hold of a silhouette picture of the skyline to reference. It will make you artwork a little easier to paint. I used the Sydney Skyline!

Lets Get started!!!!!

1- First up prep your nails. make sure you have clean hands and use the SensatioNail cleanser with a lint free wipe to clean your nails. Then apply a coat of primer and base coat gel. Cure for 30 seconds under your LED lamp.

2-  Paint 1 coat of  Cool Breeze and cure for 1 minute. You do not have to have perfect coverage as you will be sponging on other colours .

3- Take your make up sponge and place a line of Cool breeze, Blue yonder and Midnight rendezvous. Tap the sponge lightly on your nail jiggling it left and right to create a gradient of colour. This will become your night sky. Cure for 1 minute and repeat. 

4- Wipe off the sticky layer from your mani so you have a clean surface to paint on. I find if you do this the gel seems to stay on the nail when doing your nail art. 
With your nail art brush carefully paint your skyline on the nail. I have painted my skyline over 4 nails for this tutorial. to give you an idea on how it will look all together, Remember when painting your design, skylines are mainly block formations so it is easy to get a great effect really easy! Use your picture you found as a reference if it is needed.I painted the Sydney skyline. Once painted cure for 1 minute. If it looks a bit patchy on the black go over with the gel again and cure a second time.

5- Once you have the skyline now is the time for Fireworks!!!!! Take your white lily gel and paint fireworks on your nails. don't forget to paint them under the bridge too!!! Cure for 1 min. The white makes for an great base to make the next lot of colours really pop on the dark background.

6-  Take Teenie bikini and Beat the heat and paint over the white firework pattern. Don't worry if you miss a bit. this will just add to the explosion of fireworks on your nails!!! Then with the Fuse gold gel write 2015 on your nails. I chose to write this on the harbour bridge but you can pop it up in the sky if your not doing Sydney! Cure for 1 min. 
* on a side note Teenie bikini glows under UV/blacklight so if you are going to a club watch your nails glow!!!!!

7- Finally take your silver glitter gel and dab it randomally on the fireworks. to give more of a sparkly look. Cure for 1 min. Pop on a top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

Your NYE mani is done!!!!!! You can replicate this over all 10 nails by repeating the pattern, or create the whole skyline as one design over the 10 nails.

I loved how this turned out and I managed to finish the complete manicure in just over 1 hour, and that time included children bugging me while I was doing it!!!!

What I love as well is that once I finished there was no waiting for fingers to dry or worrying that I will dent or chip my mani. The gel was cured and dry which makes life a bunch easier when you have kids!

Here is the finished manicure.

Do you love it?? I do!!! I would love to see what you create for NYE with your gels so make sure you hashtag #lokislacquer #sensationalaus on IG.

You can pick up SensatioNail Gel Polishes over at their store or you can purchase in places like Priceline and even supermarkets like Woolies.  I personally would recommend the Starter Kit if you have not tried Gels before as it comes with everything you need to start a great mani. You can check out my review for the starter kit Here. Make sure you check out SensatioNail Facebook page as well for all offers and specials.

And do not forget when purchasing your SensatioNail Gel products use the code LOKI20 to get 20% off!!!!

Until next time........
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