Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to use Liquid Latex and Soy Polish Remover from Celestial Cosmetics.

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Hi there everyone!!!
Today I have 2 products to share with you.
First is Celestial cosmetics Camo Coat which is a liquid latex type product which you use around your cuticle area to make nail art clean up easy!

This is a simple product that will make your nail art and nail stamping a million times easier when cleaning up.

Basically you paint the product around your finger near the cuticle, let dry, stamp or do nail art, then peel off.

Too easy!!!!

A word of advice tho......If you are allergic to Latex...DO NOT use this product. Even if you are not sure, I recommend to test the product first on a small patch of skin. A latex allergy can be a very bad thing to the point some people are even anaphylactic to latex.

If you are allergic to latex,fear not!!! there is an alternative. Loki's Nail Aprons*patent pending are an non latex alternative.

You can purchase them via Celestial Cosmetics or via Loki's nail Vinyls direct. They do a similar thing but with out the latex.

Next up is the No Sweat Soy Remover. I was a little wary with this product, as I have recently had a bad experience with a soy base remover for gel polish. But I gave the the new soy remover a go anyway.

The process is quite simple. You simply paint the soy remover onto the nail/polish. Wait a few mins (approx 2min) and then wipe off with a lint free wipe. If you do not get all the polish first go, repeat the process. I found that the process was very easy, I had no reactions and that the soy remover took off all 4 different types of polish I tried.
I tried a opi creme, a glitter bomb, a micro glitter and a holographic polish. I had a base coat on, 2 coats of polish and a top coat of seche vite. I let dry overnight before I removed the next day. you can find the video Here.

I also have a video below explaining how both products work.

The Camo coat and not Sweat Remover are both available from Celestial Cosmetics. The Camo coat is 8 ml for $5.50 and the No sweat remover is $4.50 for 12 ml. You can also buy the Loki's Nail aprons in packs of 2 on the site from 90cents for 2. (these are reusable up to 10 times each)

I am super impressed with both products. I am keen to purchase more of the Camo coat for its sheer simplicity of use.

Until next time...........
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