Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Hobbies

Hi there everyone! Today is the first nail art challenge -40 great nail art ideas.  I have been excited to join in this challenge becasue I need to do more nail art really.

The first challenge is Hobbies.
This was a hard one I do my papercraft hobbies?? or do i do a hobby as in what I collect. So I asked my daughter zoe what she thought my number 1 hobby is. And she said.......LOKI!!!

Well she is true. I have been collection Loki comics etc for many years and my love of the character Loki has been since the early 1990's. As you all know my cat is called Loki and my blog and all other hobbies I name after Loki too!!!!

My latest obsession tho has been the Loki Pop Vinyls. I have 5 Loki ones all up, but there is still the illusive all gold one I don't have :(

So I decided to do some Loki nails. Ill be honest the stamping did not turn out how i would have liked, but over all they are ok. I used Color Club Artsy Crafty for the green. Zoya ziv for the gold and Pretty serious cosmetics absence for the black.  I also used He He superhero plate 04 for the loki image.

I loved that I could do Loki as my first challenge. Every week I think will be fun.
 Make sure you check out everyone's nails each week via inlinkz or pinterest.

Until next time....