Thursday, October 15, 2015

OPI Venice Comparison collection swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi There everyone! Today I have some comparison swatches for you with the OPI Venice collection. I had a few people ask if there were dupes in the collection. and To be honest, a few were close but none were exact dupes. tho in the pics they may look almost the same, in real life there is a noticeable difference.

Lets check them out!!!

First up is O Suzi Mio. Thie purple in the bottle looked exactly the same as 3 other purples I owned. seriously. I swear they all look the same!!!!! but in the nail wheel you could see that O Suzi Mio was a lighter shade leaning toward more of a pink hue than blue.

Gimme a Lido Kiss I thought may have been a dupe of Friar Friar pants on fire, but not so. Gimme a Lido Kiss was quite bright red in comparison to it tho the shimmer was very similar.

Amore at the Grand Canal was the closest to a dupe I found. Cinnamon sweet was almost the same but not quite. All the reds just seem to look the same in this picture but they are all slightly different .
(please ignore the poor spelling error in the picture..... I just realised :( )

My Gondola or Yours was a funny colour. again it looked very similar as the polishes I picked but IRL it is clearly very different on the swatch stick.

Be there in Prosecco which I thought would be a dupe clearly was not eve close to My vampire is buff or You're so vanilla.

Tiramisu for two was very close to Don't bossa Nova me around but not exactly the same.

Once again OPI have managed to product very similar colours but no exact dupes. It amazes me how close sometimes the colours come but never are exact. It is impressive, but at the same time I must have them all as a OPI collector!!!!!

OPI can be purchased at Myer and David Jones here in Australia. they retail for $19.95 per bottle.

Until next time......
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