Wednesday, October 7, 2015

OPI Black Labels- Paris Couture for Sure Swatch

Hi there everyone! I have been going through my OPI of late and they need some much love and attention. I have almost a whole helmer full of OPI these days, and one of my passions is collecting older black label OPI.
What are Black label OPI I hear you say?? Well prior to 2006 all OPI had a blak label on their base rather than the current green label. Now at time of this post OPI have now changed their labels once more and they are again now black, but a different format and font etc. Ill add some pics when I get 5 mins to photograph some!
Anyways when OPI had black labels their polish was NOT  DBP, formaldehyde and toluene free. when they changed in 2006 to the 3 FREE formula (removing the above 3 nasties) they also changed their labels to green on the base.

Now I don't know if this was the reason but a lot of the polishes prior to 2006 are truly amazing polishes. Maybe the chemicals or product they used gave them the opportunity to make totally different shades? who knows but I see so many black labeled polishes that are truly stunning and today I have one of those to share with you. 
Over the next 12 months I will try and swatch all of my Black labels for every one to enjoy. They are not a polish I use a lot as some of them cost me a few $$$ tho saying that the price of second hand polish has dropped dramatically of late, so I am actually hoping I will get more black label OPI soon :)

Paris Couture For Sure is a silver holographic glitter top coat. It came from the OPI Shopping Around the World Collection in 2005.
You don't get OPI like this any more. Years ago they released many OPI with holographic bases like the DS collection and a few other collections but these days you just don't see OPI bring them out any more. It is a shame :( 

I used one coat over a black base in these swatches. The holo flame is amazing with this polish. Even tho the formula is really runny it still packs a massive punch holo wise!!!

I also just painted one line over a dark read to see the effect too. which I might add looks amazing too!!! 

I managed to get this pretty via a destash sale for a few $$. I have seen it for sale on ebay for $18 which is a great deal also. If you really want it, keep hunting, they turn up from time to time. but dont over pay for it. Some people out their are just trying to profit on older OPI. I will not pay ore than $20 now for an OPI even if its a HTF one. As the price is dropping of late so much its not worth it.

Until next time......
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