Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pretty Serious Absence and Presence Swatches

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone! Today I have 2 amazing polishes for you to check out!

Pretty Serious Cosmetics have released 2 new shades. Absence and Presence. These 2 polishes claim to be opaque in one coat. That's a big claim to live up to when it comes to a black and white polish! Most whites I own are a min of 2 coats and can become streaky or gluggy when applying. So when I was given the opportunity to try


Presence- Is a one coater white creme....YES ONE COATER!!!! you heard right! this polish does exactly as it says on the box! one coat. I am very impressed about it!!!! The polish went on smooth and I had no issues with streaks. Now saying all this is fine and dandy but you need to know how to apply a polish. if you try and apply Presence really thin it will not be one coat. you don't need to over apply the polish but a good medium coat will get you your one coat. It is a fine line with a polish like this as I can see people over loading their brush and under loading. Once you get it right you won't look back. The dry time was surprisingly fast and i did not even bother with top coat purely so show the one coat by itself!!!





 Absence- Is a black one coater creme. Now there are a few black one coaters on the market my usual go to black creme is Ulta3 black satin and that's one coat.....usually..... I say usually because my last 2 bottles the formula was different and it took 2 coats. So the fact that this is 100% a one coats makes me happy as I now have a new go to polish! Again I did not use any top coat.


How shiny is it even with no top coat! in the shade I could see my reflection!!!!!!

I will be testing their stamping ability in a future post but for now, I totally advise to give these 2 polishes a go. and you will soon find them in your go to stash!

Pretty Serious Cosmetics has both of these available for AUD$9.95 each and they ship world wide.
While you are looking make sure you check out their pet names collection too as they are six bright cremes that are also a must have!!!!

Until next time......

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