Saturday, November 7, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Black and White

Hi there everyone! today is going to be a quicky post for 2 reasons..... Firstly because I did the black and white theme and forgot to look at the prompt! *facepalm* and and then realised several days later it was a prompt for circles....... secondly I had to rush a second mani for this prompt and I am currently juggling trying to keep my blog running, along with my final exams for my certificate 2 in nail tech which are currently going on this month plus i have been freelancing writing for a card company and have 2 commission ongoing so a full schedule! NOT to mention the kiddlets I have to keep an eye on!!!! 

So without further ado here is my mani for the prompt circles. I used Pretty Serious cosmetics absence and presence for this mani and did that swirly circle watermarble thin you do on your nails. yup...all the technical words LOL!!!!

Dont forget to check out everyone elses better thought out and planned (im sure) manis for this week!!!

until next time.....
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