Saturday, November 21, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Grey and colour.

Hi there everyone!!! 
Today the prompt for the challenge was Grey and Colour. and my prompt was decals!

I decided to make my decals on the teflon mat I have attached to my desk. It is there because basically im a crafting grub and manage to get ink and all sorts everywhere, so at least with the teflon sheet I can wipe any crap off from it and not ruin the desk I have.

Teflon sheets are great.You can pick them up at discount stores  for a few bucks. 

They look like this...

So I popped on the sheet little squares of clear top coat and let it dry. Then I stamped with Emily de Molly Stamping Plate 12 in Pretty Serious Cosmetics Absence. then with a fine nail art brush I painted in with Pretty Serious Cosmetics Presence and Sugar Cakes. then went over the whole design with Baron von Bootiful.

Once all dry, I peeled them off the Teflon sheet and turned over to make sure all the colour went in the right place. I painted my base coat on my nails then placed on the decal. I trimmed excess off my nail and the rest was removed with acetone and a small brush.

Lastly I added some crystals.
I could have lined them up a little better but they look ok.

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Until next time.....
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