Friday, November 13, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Your Job.

Hi there everyone!
Todays challenge is Your Job. Well this is a hard one isn't it!!!! As a Mum with 2 special needs kids I have several jobs. I try to when I can work from home so I can still make sure im here for the girls but at the same time be able to help my hubby out paying for day to day needs.
So when I decided to pick I decided on one that I love to do when ever I can. 

So one job that I've done for a while now is freelance as a writer. Now Im sure you saying "but your spelling is bad and grammar is not that great either...."Yup. I am the first to admit its bad!!! But that is why I have an editor LOL!!!!  I currently Freelance for Practical Publishing and have done now since 2010. I've been published in over 50 magazines in the past 5 years in Australia, UK and America. As I have a craft background I mainly write for the Craft magazines, designing cards and writing articles about products,. It great fun apart from the deadlines!

So to show my writing side I have made a little tutorial on how to use newspaper on nails!

Lets check it out!!!!!!!

OK so you will need the following....

Old Newspaper
White Nail Polish- I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics Presence as it is a one coat white.
Small glass bowl (or shot glass in my case)
Top coat.

1- Firstly you will need to pop on your white polish and let dry.

2- Then once polish is dry pour some of the Isopropanol into the glass container. Pop one finger in and leave for 10 seconds.

3- Pull finger out of Isopropanol and then quickly place newspaper onto nail. Press lightly and pull off.

 The news print should have come off the paper and onto your nails.

Repeat on all your other fingers.!

Once finished pop a top coat on to seal.

As you can see the print is backward of course, but the effect is pretty cool!!!!

Here are a few more pics of my nails with one of the magazines I write for. Plus this is the current issue that has one of my cards on the front cover too!

Make sure you check out all the other great manis being put up over the next day or so!!!!!!

Until next time......
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