Friday, November 27, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Cartoon and Comics.

Hi there Everybody!
So this week is comics and cartoons. My first instinct was to do Loki again. I love Loki and Journey into Mystery was an awesome comic. But I decided to do another favourite comic of mine instead.........DEADPOOL!!!!

Deadpool has been round for ages and next year they are finally releasing a DEADPOOL movie!!!!!! I am very excited!!!!!
Here is the Trailer....... be warned its rated R

So to do my Deadpool nails I decided to paint a few pics and use some foil. I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics absence and presence along with OPI Over and Over a Gwen for the red.

I loved how the nails turned out!

Deadpool is a cheeky bugger. I took him to use a a mani prop for my nails but he managed to get out of pop vinyl box and cause all sorts of havoc in my garden!!!!

Once out of the box he started stalking Loki...........

He decided hiding in the trees waiting for him.......

Then he found Loki and started harassing Deadpool is a naughty fella!!!!!!

Loki was not impressed!!!!!

Finally Poppy caught Deadpool and had a good fight with him!!!!

I finally got hold of Deadpool and got him back in his box!!!!

Wow what a day with deadpool!!!!! 

I hope you have liked my mani and days antics with Deadpool!

Make sure you check out everyone elses nails too......

Until next time.....
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