Sunday, October 6, 2013

Born Pretty Nail Foils review

Hey there  everyone! today i have another product to share with you from the Born Pretty Store.
They were kind enough to send me a pack of nail foils to have a go with, and review.

Ok so here it is straight up...... apart from using foils on cards for crafting i have NEVER used foils before! but i really wanted to have a go at them :) so  please don't judge my not so prefect end result.  I have seen a lot of ladies use foils and get an awesome result.

OK so first up the foils came in a little plastic container. Great for storage and easy to see the design.

I picked as you can see a clear holo pattern so i could put it over any colour and get a holo result. i thought i would go simple for my first go! you can find this foil HERE it is number #26.

so first up my advice is if you are new to nail foils....don't pick a light see through colour! i took the foil out and was totally confused which side was which as it is not obvious as you would think. i have since see the opaque coloured ones and one side is silver so you know which is which! 
Anyways once you figure out which is the correct side to place on your nails, cut yourself enough little pieces for foil to place on every nail. By doing this you do not waste the foil .

Ok next thing, the instructions said not to use any kind of foil adhesive they say to just use the polish your wearing. but i just could not get it to work that way. so i used my jessica holo aqua base which seemed to do the trick. it went a little tacky and the foils stuck no problems :) i also tried a top coat as well and that worked as well.

once your nails are painted the desired colour doing one nail at a time paint with your aqua base/top coat, wait till it gets tacky then place the piece of nail foil on top.

Rub it on your nail getting into the edges and then lift off.
Repeat with all your other nails.
Once you have finished seal with either a top coat or Picture Polish revolution. Revolution is a glitter base coat but it works really well as a top coat for foils and stops them wrinkling when you put it on. you can purchase revolution HERE.

and now for the finished effect. mine were not the best foil job, but for my first go it was not too bad. they sparkled heaps and it was a ice change from a normal holo polish.

If you would like to give this technique a go you can get the nail foils from Born Pretty Store for only a few dollars. there is free worldwide shipping and if you use the below code you will get 10% off!!!

happy foiling