Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lacquer dreams halloween challenge- zombies

As i am a day late for most of these challenges, i figured ill do them all as day late!!! so todays lacquer dreams challenge is Zombies.
I have been waiting for this one and i did plants vs zombies for aussie nails monday the other wek but i really wanted to do a shaun of the dead mani. so now was my chance.

for any of you out their who have not seen Shaun of the dead....... get out from under that rock and go to the dvd shop and borrow it!!!!! THis epic film is the first of a trilogy of movies called the cornetto trilogy. there is Shaun of the dead.....

then the second of the 3 is Hot fuzz.......

and lastly which was released this year.....the worlds end......

All 3 of these movies are great unto them selves but if you are a fan like me you will pick up little things in all 3 that tie in together. its awesome the way they are written.

So back to shaun of the dead. 
This flick is a zombie movie with a bit of comedy there are some awesome scenes in it for example when the characters have to pretend to be zombies......

And a funny fence scene which is actually in all 3 movies in different ways!

and you cannot forget the zombies.......

So my mani??
here it is........

On my pinkie i have OPI my vampire is buff with a stamped image of zombie hands from bundle monsters holiday plates. i used Picture polish camo for the stamping and Zoya elisa for the blood.
My ring finger was painted with Ulta3 lily white then with a marker i drew the image of shauns shirt and then using Zoya elisa i painted the tie etc.
My middle finger is picture polish Camo, with the trees painted with OPI my vampire is buff and finally the "i got wood"words are written in Ulta3 Tangerine tango.
My index finger is Ulta3 lily white and blood splatter is Zoya elisa
and my thumb is Ulta3 lily white with a decal i made on the PC

So there you have it!
and where do you buy all the products i used???
Ulta3 can be found at any chemist around australia or you can check out Ulta3 Facebook page for stockists
Picture polish can be found  HERE and Zoya can be purchased HERE
Lastly you can grab bundle monster plates from HERE

 If you would like to join in the fun feel free to add your post in the linky links at the bottom here :)

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