Saturday, October 19, 2013

Celestial cosmetics 7 kingdoms review

Today i have to share with you the new seven kingdoms collection by celestial cosmetics
This collection is based on the popular Tv show Game of Thrones.I have a bunch of pics to share so let's get right to it!!!!!

Im going to show you my 2 favs up first from the collection that was sent to me for review.

A Lannister Always Pays His Debt Is a color change polish. This polish changes from yellow to orange.

I would describe the polish as a jelly with micro holographic glitter throughout. In the pics below i had a base coat and 3 coats of polish. no top coat. when i popped the polish on it turned to yellow almost straight away.this was im sure because it was a hot day and my hands were warm. I then dunked my hands in ice water to get the color change. once out of the water the color changed back to yellow very quickly. it was hard to capture the change as it changed so quick.
I reckon this polish will be great for winter as the clear definition will be seen with warm nail beds and gold nails. but for these shots ice water was needed. you can still see a VNL after 3 coats so maybe wearing undies would be a good idea :) yellow or white would be the best.
Overall i liked this polish because the color change was so different.
All pics were taken in the sun.

The next polish was my 100% fav from the collection i was given to review.

High Garden is an awesome shade of green/yellow/lime color change polish. This polish again had a very definite colour change. As soon as i put the polish on my nail it changed to a bright neon yellow/lime colour. it was weird seeing the polish which was green in the bottle go on bright yellow.
To get my colour change i placed my fingers into ice water. again i think this polish will be great in winter with the need for really cold to get a good shift in colour i cannot wait to show every one this polish!!! Along with the colour change this jelly is packed full of holo microglitter as well.
I used a base coat then 2 coats of polish there is a tiny VNL but a third coat would have fixed this.

All pics were taken in the sun.

The third polish that i have to share is called Iron Born This is a very subtle color change holographic polish. It changes from grey to pink.
As you can see from the bottle shot this polish is super holographic.i love the combo of holo and colour change in a polish. but with all these colour change polishes in this collection they are fairly thin so you will need 3 coats at least to get full coverage and no VNL. i used 3 coats for this polish with a base coat. with this polish the grey is the cold colour and the pink is the hot colour so you will get the grey on your tips when wearing this polish. very cool! as you can see from my pics it is a subtle colour change and is seen more so in the shade than the sun. these pics were taken in the sun apart from the pic with the 2 colours on the nail. this was in the shade so you could see the change better.

The next polish is called Little finger This is a purple to blue color changing polish. 
I love the color change with this one. it was clear and well defined. and i did not need to leave my hands in cold water for long. the polish naturally changed so my tips were a different colour to my nail beds.
I used 3 coats over a base coat for this swatch. and i had no VNL to see .

the last one i have to share is Arya stark. this is a pink to purple polish that is holographic.
Now this polish like a few of its friends took ice water to get the color change. so when the colder months are upon us it will be a better shift on the nail i think. This is a really nice polish but i don't get the pink to purple combo for arya stark. i mean she is a tom boy to say the least. she wants to fight with swords and not do any girly stuff. most of the colours in this collection really went well with the names but this is just an odd fit. but ignoring the name the polish is really pretty. I wore 3 coats over a base coat for my swatches and dunked my hands in cold ice water to get the purple to show.

All these polishes are available at celestial cosmetics for purchase with in australia and if you head on over to Color 4 nails you can pick them up there for anyone not in australia. Prices start from AUD$10.95 for a 12 ml polish.

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