Sunday, October 6, 2013

lacquer dreams halloween challenge 5th october.... ZOMBIES!!!!!!

The second nail art challenge was the 5th October.... and see..... im still a day behind *facepalm* we had a bit of a measle scare here at the house of osiris and loki so yesterday was watching the Pops and make sure she did not get even sicker than she was. but it was nothing....she had an allergic reaction to some new medicine and cause a measles like rash. Phew!!! *wipes brow* 

Ok so my nails ended up a day behind!!!

but the challenge this time was...... ZOMBIES!!!!!!

I love zombies!!!!!!!! but trying to think of a quick mani was super hard! i mush admit i wanted to do a Shawn of the Dead mani...which i will at some point this month but for a quick and easy one, i used nail decals and created a Plants Vs Zombies mani :)

See what i found... the URL function on blogger!!! *ALL THE GIFS* sorry i have been distracted by gifs!!!

Anyways here are my PVZ nails....

I stole Zoes Walnut for a mani prop and thought it was super cute!!!
for the mani i painted my nails with China Glaze Tree hugger, and then placed the nail decals on each nail.
topped with seche vite top coat .

What do you think? im not 100% happy with it but ill make up for it later in the month ;)

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