Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lacquer Dreams Halloween challenge - horror movie

Another day late ...again...i know!!!! but today i have to share with you all my nails of the theme Horror Movies. I went with a old classic....Dracula.
Throughout the ages Dracula has been seen as a scary monster/person. but but as the years have gone on vampires have become the trend but Dracula still gives me the chills sometimes when you watch the old black and white movies. Maybe it is the way its filmed?? but you cannot beat an old B&W film!

Dracula has gone from this.........

to this........

to the latest dracula...Adam Sandler.........

Dracula will be around for ever and im sure there will be a fair few more Draculas to come!! nails. I went a little bit simple. teeth ,bite mark that kind of thing :) but for a base on my nails i decided to make up a polish to use. so i popped on a base coat of Zoya Noot then over that painted on my franken polish. a combo of 2 chameleon pigments. one that goes green to red and the other that goes blue to green. 
Here are my undies.





Now i had the base on i hand painted the rest of the nails.



i did a french mani on my pinkie and index finger with Color Club holly and bright, my ring finger has Lynnderella öh Eric....."over a layer of CC holly and bright, my thumb was painted with Ulta3 Lily white and the rd is Zoya Elisa Lastly my middle finger was painted with a franken of Ulta3,Zoya Elissa, and a UV neon orange which made the skin colour. a dotting tool with Ulta3 black satin for the hole marks and some Zoya Elissa painted to make the blood dripping.

All in all i am quite happy with the way my main turned out.

Next up is Aussi nails monday and i cannot wait to do the Zombie mani again!!!!

And dont forget if you would like to join us with the challenge add your link!!!

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