Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lacquer dreams halloween challenge- witches.

Once again, im behind with the challenge.... i know...slack....but kids and life sometimes get in the way so i can paint my pinkies when i can! but it was worth the wait im sure!!!

So the challenge for the 8th October (my getting old!!!!) was WITCHES!!!!!
And like most people the first thing i thought was the wizard of oz! but i did wicked last year so now to think outside the box a little, and i came up with............

i thought that would be witches but not the traditional ones as such!
now what to paint??? well the wicker man was a must! and also i thought of this image...

Now to do my nails!!!!





So what did i use?????

On my Pinkie I'm wearing China Glaze Sea Spray and stamped with Zoya Evvie and used Mash plate 69 which is a new one that will be out soon.
My ring finger has Zoya Noot and i stamped the wood grain with China Glaze Sea Spray and Zoya Evvie the stamping plate is the new mash plate 53.
My middle finger is Zoya Noot and hand painted with red acrylic paint,
The index finger is Zoya Noot and Ulta3 lily white then smudged to make a fog effect with acetone and a soft brush.
My thumb has Ulta3 Black satin and the face was painted with acrylic paints.

What do you think? i feel it represents the Blair witch project quite well :)

So where can you get all the products i used??
You can pick up Zoya from HERE , and I got my Cgina Glaze from Pro Nails in Bankstown NSW.
Ulta3 can be picked up at most national chemists. if you are unsure check out their facebook page HERE. Lastly the stamping plates. you can pick up the MASH stamping plates HERE the new ones are now in stock and they ship worldwide. Lastly the acrylic paint i picked up at the reject shop for $4.00 (set of 12)

Until next time......
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