Monday, May 26, 2014

Aussie Nails Monday- Disney Theme

Hi there everyone!
Today is Aussie Nails Monday, and the theme is Disney. My daughter Zoe was excited about this theme and wanted me to do the movie Frozen. Personally I have not seen it,but both my girls watch it over and over and over......... you get the I know most of the songs! 
I was going to do the snowman Olaf, but a few other girls in Aussie Nails monday were doing him so I decided to do Elsa. She is the blonde one in the movie thats sings Let it Go.....see you can see I have no clue about the movie!! ill have to watch it at some point I'm sure!!!

So I hunted for some inspiration and found a pic I liked.

Then took my inspiration from that.
I used Picture Polish for the mani apart from one OPI called desperately seeking sequins, from the new Spotlight on Glitter Collection.

After messing about with a LOT of sponges and making my gradient, then stamping snowflakes using QA58 plate from the born Pretty store, I finally finished my mani. Then an added bonus was cause I used Picture Polish Instinct it now was UV reactive!!!!

Im super happy how it turned out! and even tho I wanted to do monster inc on my nails Zoe loves these so a winner all round!!!

You can pick up the Picture polishes I used HERE and the OPI polish from MYER. the stamping plate is from Born Pretty Store and make sure you use the code CATG10 for 10% off your order :)

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