Friday, May 2, 2014

Fuse Gelnamel swatches- E-motion,Lighting Jolt and Na no way.

Hi there everyone!
I have 3 more swatches of the new Fuse Gelnamel polish collection to share with you all.
We have from left to right- E-motion, Lighting jolt and Na no way. 
All swatches were using the Fuse Gelnamel kit as per instructions.

E-motion- Is a purple gel polish. It kind of sways more to the pink purples than the blue ones and it is a very pretty colour. The formula was great with it tho it was streaking with the first coat,but settled down on the second and third coat evened out the colour to what you see in the pics. The only other thing I did find with this colour was that the finished result was a more satin finish than some of the other colours. but I was quite happy with that .



Lighting Jolt- So this polish was not what I expected for several reasons. Firstly the polish itself looks nothing like the bottle. I was expecting a purple polish with glitter through it. but I got a pleasant surprise. It was a awesome glitter bomb! All pink and blue/purple glitters in a bottle with a bit of a silvery shimmer. Very pretty. now the only thing that I did not like was for me,and this is my personal experience, when I was curing this particular gel my nails heated up. They got quite hot and it hurt a bit. Now it did not happen to every nail and I know it was not the lamp as I tried it with a different lamp and I felt the same heat, but I feel I should mention this. None of the cremes did this it was only this and one other glitter colour. My nails are also quite thin so this could be part of the issue. Saying this I was happy to put up with a little discomfort to get a pretty glitter gel. Since this happening I have layered this gel over different colours and it has not felt hot, so maybe it was the way I did it or my week nails, who knows, but I do like to be truthful and honest when letting you guys know about a product. 
But lets look at the polish. This was 3 coats by itself. I think another coat would have made it opaque. Very sparkly!!!!!


 Na-No Way- This is a classic bright pink in your face gel polish! love the colour! It took 3 coats and the colour is super bright. I have used this now in several manis and I will return to this colour many more times!
well worth the investment if you like pink!!!


Fuse Gelnamels can be purchased at many shops like Priceline and Big W. You can also purchase from their online shop HERE. THe polish retails for $14.99 and the starter kit for $49.95 which includes a gel polish, lint free wipes a cleanser,buffer,orange stickthe mini lamp that is a USB plug in and an adapter so you can use the normal plug.

Do not forget to check out the other swatches I have on the top tab on my blog. there you can see all the range of colours that Fuse sell.
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