Friday, October 31, 2014

Alien Mani for halloween

Hi there Everyone! 

Its that time of the favourite time of the year!!!! Halloween, and i'm sad to say I don't have Halloween nails on *slaps my own wrists* Yep I'm currently sporting unicorns, but today I'm going to share a manis I did last week for the Femme Fatale horror movie challenge. Now before you say...i've seen better nail art...I had to use only Femme Fatale cosmetic products so it was quite tricky!!! So I decided to recreate the movie poster of the movie....and my daughters fav movie.....Alien.

so with the poster in mine I used Femme Fatale Cosmetics Star's Lament, sparkleshell, abuse the ooze and noxious mire.

This is what I ended up with...oh and credit to Zoe's alien pop vinyl which I used as a mani prop

Then did not turn out too bad!!!!!!!

Until next time.........
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