Saturday, October 25, 2014

OPI coca-cola collection comparison swatches.

Hi there everyone!
After finishing off the swatches for the OPI coca-cola collection there were a few colours that popped up which I and other people thought may be dupes. So I have swatched a few of them with other colours from OPI that I own to show the comparisons. 

First up is OPI A grape affair. Two other OPI polishes seemed similar. OPI Vant to bite my neck and OPI Do you have this color in stockhom. 
Vant to bite my neck is almost a perfect dupe, but the other is not. 

Next up is OPI Get cherried away. I thought that OPI casino Royale and OPI Anti bleak would be similar. I do not own anti bleak but I did have Casino Royale. The 2 look very close, tho Get cherried away seems a little more toward the blue hue.

OPI Your so vain-illa Looked similar to both OPI my vampire is buff and OPI don't pretzel my buttons, but on comparison none of them are even close to being dupes.

OPI I accomplished zero really did remind me of a shiny version of OPI stay the night (which is a liquid sand) After swatching the 2 next to each other they are almost dupes tho  the glitter is a tad smaller in stay the night and of course it is textured.

Lastly I have OPI turn on the Haute light. I compared to OPI this gown needs a crown, havent the foggiest and push and shove.There were no dupes with these polishes.

So there you have it. a few close ones but really no dupes as such. If you have any other comparisons that you would like me to do with OPI or even another brand pop a message in the comments and ill see what I can do!!!!

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