Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year And A New Idea......More Nail Art!!!!

Hi there everyone!! it is now 2015 and a brand new year!!!!! 
What does Loki's Lacquer have install for everyone?? Well First and for most I plan to share a bunch more nail art!! Yep....I love nail at but its always time with me. Pops my 4 yr old is pretty full on and im pretty sure she has some kind of sixth sense when she knows im about to pull out a paint brush!!! The minute I start to paint....BAM! she asking for everything from a drink to some random toy she has not played with for 2 years but will for sure ruin my still tacky nails if I try to get it for her!!! But this year she has preschool 3 days a week so .....more nail art!
Next is the blog itself. I want to streamline the blog more and have a cleaner look to it. The logo will stay of course as will the gel tab. so all the watches and gel tutorials will still be easy to access,but I will also be adding some new pages to the blog. I have already started to add them on the left sidebar. You will soon be able to find a easy way to check out some brands colours. I have loaded up Pretty Serious cosmetics swatches, and I will be adding Celestial Cosmetics as well. If there is any other brand that you think should go up there, let me know ;)

And lastly... Loki's Nail vinyls. Thee will be regular new products going into the store every month along wit special packs in a limited amount for occasions like xmas Vday easter etc.
so make sure you follow lokis nail vinyls as wall as subscribe to lokis lacquer.

Ok so now to get started with some nail art.......

This month I will be attempting 2 challenges. im hoping for a little cross over on some days to help me out but we shall see.....

Both have an array of things to do and im excited to try them out!!! Im already a day late...tho i have actually done the 1st and posted on IG. I just did not get time to psot here on the blog. 

Keep tuned for a new post shortly!!!

Until next time.......
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