Friday, March 6, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics March Release Swatches and review.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!! Today I have the March release of polishes from Celestial Cosmetics. I have 6 polishes to share with you, including the March LE polish.

With all of these polishes I used a base coat and Solar Ray top coat from Celestial Cosmetics.
I used 2 coats with all of these polishes with the exception of Vega Sparks, and I used 3 coats for those swatches.


March LE- is a beautiful pale green holographic polish filled with tiny red holo micro glitters. This polish is to represent Celestial Cosmetics version of the march birthstone bloodstone.
The formula was a little rough due to the micro glitters but the top coat fixed that issue.
I love that in the shade the red really pops from the polish but you still get the amazing holo in the sun.



England's Rose- is a bright pink/red with a scattered holo.There are tiny rainbow flakies in the polish and red and green micro glitter too. This beautiful polish was created in honour of Celestial Cosmetics owners mum. 2 coats for perfection.

I also stamped over England's Rose with Celestial Cosmetics stamping polish Pitch.

Vega Sparks- Is a shimmery flakie polish. It has lilac tones and gold flakies in it. the coverage is great I used 3 coats for this as the flakies are so sheer. but if you layered this over a pale base you would only need one coat due to the amount of flakies in the bottle. A tip tho is to wear a peel off base coat with this one because the flakies are like glitter bombs and take their time to be removed.



Blood Moon Rising- this is a blackend claret linear holo. This is a LOT darker than callisto and I will do comparison swatches soon as in the bottle they do look similar but on the nail they are sooo different!!! This holo has a red shimmer to it in certain lights. from this whole collection this would be my pick of what not to miss out on. 2 coats for coverage.



artificial light

daylight globe.

Betelgeuse-  Well what can I say about this very complex polish. The swatches I had seen of this one I thought the polish was grey. then others I thought it was purple! This polish is all of those and more! I captured many pics of this one and not one was the same. I used 2 coats by itself tho 3 I think would have created even more depth. The polish has gold to green shifting micro glitter in it as well as the polish itself shifts to an array of colours too. I would recommend a good thick and juicy top coat tho as the polish is quite rough ,so if you want a real glossy wet look maybe seche vite would be best. I used solar ray and put the top coat on twice.

Garnet Star- is another shifting polish. this pretty shifts from red to orange to gold. it also has blue to purple shifting micro glitter as well, tho I found it hard to capture it on film. This again was an amazing polish and I took a bunch of pics to show you the variety of colour shidts it does.

 I did some stamping over Garnet star as well.

All of these polishes are available now over at Celestial Cosmetics. Prices start from AUD$9.00 for cremes and $12.00 for holos. plus with the exchange rate as it is right now, the overseas people will get a great bargain while us aussie need to stick to buying aussie polish so save our pennies!!!
Make sure you also check out Celestial cosmetics Facebook page and if you love the polish as much as I do,why not join Celestial Stars fan page where there are sneak peeks, comps and exclusives to only the group!!!

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