Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fedoraharp Welcome to Tomorrowland Collection Swatches.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!! today I have a new brand called Fedoraharp They were kind enough to contact me about their new collection called Welcome to Tomorrowland as it was inspired by Futurama and As I had released a Futurama collection a few years back they wanted to make sure it was OK. Of course I said yes!! The more Futurama polishes out there the better I say!!!!

So I was sent the collection to swatch along with some others from her core range (we shall see those in a later post.) The colours in the Welcome to Tomorrowland Collection are awesome, and match well with the inspiration. I love it when a polish matches the inspiration of the name. I get really annoyed when brands just slap a name on any old polish because they know it will sell and no consideration goes into the colour choices.


Woop Woop Woop.

Is a pretty peachy pink polish with a amazing goldish shimmer. I used 2 coats for this one and a top coat of seche vite. I loved the colour! It looks just like Zoidbergs shell!!!!

Dedicated Denial of Doctorate

This polish has the same shimmer finish as Woop Woop Woop but a beautiful pink with slightly darker pink mcro glitter in it. I used 2 coats with a top coat of seche Vite.


This pretty purple polish again has the same formula as the other 3 but a pretty lilac with shimmer. 2 coats again and a top coat of Seche Vite. I really loved this colour. I do not have anything the same in my collection!

Seymor Buttes

Is a orange shimmer polish. Again the formula is the same as the others. A shimmer with a gold sheen. Only 2 coats with a seche vite top coat.


This is a complex glitter polish full of different browns and coppery colours. I used 2 thick coats with 2 coats of seche vite for top coat to give the glossy effect.

I'm 40% Redacted

Based on Bender this silver glitter bomb is all about silver holo circles. I needed to place them in their spots by dabbing, tho they were quite easy to get out of the bottle. I used Color Club Harp on it as a base, and one cost of seche vite.

Pleasant Tidings Fellows..

This is a green, aqua,white and red glitter bomb. I used one coat over colour club Aquarius. I poped on one coat of seche vite.

All of these were easy to apply and dried quickly. 
You can purchase Fedoraharp on Etsy and prices start from AUD$5.99 each. They ship worldwide and if you check out their Facebook page you can keep up to date on their releases.

For a new brand I think it is a great addition to the indie market!!!

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