Tuesday, March 3, 2015

combining the use of at home gel kits with acrylic powder to make your nails extra durable

Hi there everyone!
Today I have a Great little technique I use when my poor nails are starting to get a little sad and sorry...and they start to get weak and break.

Acryigel is a work that has been thrown about a year now. I first saw the technique over at the Chickettes blog and knew that I had to give it a go!!!

My nails are weak. always have been, no matter what i eat take or put on them they have always been bendy, and when you want to ensure good neat nails for swatching something has to be done. 
I have had acrylics before and the cost of infilling them over time is a big cost that I could not afford, so I have always tried to be careful with me nails. But having 2 special needs kids...well nails are the least of your worries when trying to catch a 4 yr old jumping off something she should not be.......

So I have the gel/acrylic method a go. Its great! I have the strength of acrylic plus the ease of soaking them off like gel. What more can you ask for!!!!

Here is a video on how to apply. I will pop some pointer under the video.

So tips of a successful application.
  • Ensure you have clean dry nails to start.
  • Use a primer or bonder to get your nails dry and ready for application. I found by skipping this step the gel started to lift after a few days wear.
  • Make sure you pour the acrylic powder on your nail well. keep pouring over all the sides etc until it does not look "wet"any more. 
  • If you have a split in your nail, pop a silk wrap on the split first before applying the acrylic powder.
  • Once cured make sure you buff smooth and wipe off any loose acrylic. this will ensure a smooth top coat.
  • Don't be afraid to buff the top coat and re apply if the TC did not apply perfectly smooth.
  • Make sure after you have your acrylic/gel on your nails you only use acetone free polish remover. or your gel will lift. I use sally Hansen acetone free fast and gentle remover. It is the best one I found to work and not affect my gel.

I hope you have found this post and video helpful. It is a god send to make your nails strong when they are not.

Until next time......

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