Friday, March 13, 2015

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Naileontology collection swatches.

*Press Sample.

Hi there everyone!!! today I have the new trio released last week by Pretty Serious Cosmetics

Pretty Serious Cosmetics are starting a new range of rare and beautiful polishes....... it will be called the Museum of Naileontology.  

image from Every Little Polish.

That kind of explains it right?! I mean we are talking Pretty Serious quirky polish aren't we !!

OK so so far there are 3 in the collection. These 3 are amazing in their own right purely for the fact they are all 2 coaters, awesome colours and to top it off are what i would call a "shout out"to old and discontinued polishes which are no more.


The best way to describe these beauties is with Pretty Serious  words. This is what they had to say about the pretties- 

Eye of Copernicus
[ahy ov koh-pur-ni-kuh s]

It is said that Nicolaus Copernicus spent so much time staring into the night sky, unlocking the truths of our own solar system, that the light of the stars were absorbed through his telescope and were forever captured in its lens. The inky blue Eye with silver micro glitter flecks.

As you can see below this is a stunning polish and a hail to Essies Stary night. 2 coats were used for these swatches with a top coat of PSC crystal top coat.

Khepri's Amulet
[kh-E-pri s am-yuh-lit] 

Khepri, the ancient Egyptian Scarab God, was once believed to have pushed the sun across the sky and down into the underworld, emerging with it the next day, moving the sun into the morning sky. He was associated with rebirth, renewal and resurrection, and scarab beetle amulets were placed on the hearts of the dead during mummification. The most powerful of these amulets was said to be created by Khepri himself and shines with the glimmering golden green shimmer of the Scarab God himself.

 This amazing tealy polish which was opaque in 2 coats has so much depth. it truly is a beauty. You can see why this colour had to go into the museum first!!!!! A hail to Revlon street wear hippy dippy.

The Dragon's Curse
[th-uh drag-uh n s kurs] 

Many thousands of years ago, a powerful mecha-dragon and his many minions are said to have come close to enslaving the world. The legend tells of their defeat at the hands of a teenage boy who hunted down the mecha-dragon to his lair and slayed him with his sword. However, the dragon's last breath was cursed, transforming the boy into a man sized lizard. 
So it was hard to pick a favourite from these 3 as I loved them all so much. But I have a bit of a crush on this colour. You see I have OPI creme de menthe and it is a awesome polish but so very hard to find. Seeing this as a hail to that colour makes me super happy because I can slap this colour on and not worry that it is so rare. Saying that I will be buying a back up!!!!! Again only 2 coats!!!!!

So there you have it!!! Three stunning pretties all which should be in your collection!!!!!!

You can purchase Pretty Serious Cosmetics from their website and they do some great shipping options too. Prices start from $9,95!

Don't forget to check out their Facebook Page and also the Pretty Serious Party People group to keep up to date with whats going on and new releases etc!

Until next time.......
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