Wednesday, March 25, 2015

OPI DS Original and a dupe worth buying.

Hi there everyone!
Today is one of my fav polishes. OPI DS Original. This has become a very hard to find polish over the past few years, but I was lucky enough to find a bottle...or two when dusty hunting at an old salon a while back. 
I wish OPI did holographic polishes again. its truly amazing really it is. A pale lilac holo is stunning. its a sheer formula so 3 coats were needed. 
check it out!!!

Stunning right?!?

Well if you cannot find this amazing polish. never fear. I was going through my pretties and found that Celestial Cosmetics sell a polish called Solar Flare. It is also a pale lilac exactly the same shade. The holo finish is not as good but still its pretty close. Plus its only a 2 coat polish and a lot cheaper and available!!!!

Check it out!

So if you want your DS Original fix this I think will be the closest you will get.

Until next time.......

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