Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dance Legend Robots v's Humans Swatch and review

Today im sharing with you a fantastic product from russia. Dance Legend.
These polishes just totally know everything out of the park as far a holographic polishes go. I am just gobsmacked on how totally holographic they are!

I have purchased 5 so far of them but i will be making the jump and purchasing the rest as soon as i can!

Today i have number 9 which is called Robots v's Humans. 
I purchased this polish purely for the name but this brown holo polish is just to die for!!!

I decided to put this on over my clear gel nails so i did not use a base coat. and to be honest i was expecting, like with most holographic polishes to do at least 3 coats to get no VNL bit to my VERY happy surprise this polish was almost opaque in 1 coat! i did put 2 on as i wanted an even coverage.

Now lets talk linear holo. This polish has one of the most beautiful linear holo i have seen with color club coming a close second. check out this bottle shot.

Isn't it awesome!!!!! just amazing!

now for my swatch. as you can see the polish is really pigmented and really i could have gotten away with one coat. I did not have a issue with the polish at all. It went on like a dream and dried really quickly, tho with these shots i do have a top coat of seche vite as well to protect it.

You can purchase Dance legend several ways. directly from the Dance legend website for $13.00 each or if you are on facebook checkout  Color 4 Nails. Sisi the owner is really friendly and sells the polish for the same price if i remember correctly. her shipping varies depending on what country it is getting shipped to but she does ship to australia and has a flat rate of 12 bottles for approx $20.00. Shipping take around 2-3 weeks.

well stay tuned as i will be swatching more of the dance legend polishes over the next few weeks....sun pending (its winter here in OZ) and there are some seriously beautiful shades to share!!!!

until nest time........