Sunday, July 28, 2013

Born Pretty nail plate stamping tutorial and review.

Hello there everyone!
today i have to share with you a nail stamping plate i got from Born Pretty. and i also have created a little tutorial to show how to use the stamping plate as well.

Ok so to start off here is the stamping plate that  Born Pretty sent me to review.

Plate QA62.  I think this is a super cute plate if not only for the penguin!!!

I likes the fact that this stamping plate had quite big etchings on it. I have fairly wide nail beds and this plate had not issues delivering with the width. the measurement for the square etching was - 1.6 x 1.8cms compared to the older born pretty plates i have (faux konad ones) which are only 1cm x 1.3cm.

Ok so do you use the stamping plate i hear you ask??

Well here is a step by step tutorial on how to do basic stamping.

First, you will need the following....
*An old credit card or loyalty card.
( you can get special little scrapers but i found a old card was better)
*Nail polish to stamp with.
(preferably a polish that is a high pigmented one coat polish)
* Some cotton wipes, cotton ear buds and nail polish remover
* A nail stamper. the one i used is from Born Pretty and you can find it HERE for USD$8.77

Take your Nail polish and paint over the pattern you would like to stamp.
I used a Kiko mirror Gold as i know it will show up well.

Take your card and on an angle scrap off the excess.
Don't worry about the scrap lines. they will not pick up on the stamper.

Press your stamper onto the plate where the polish is.
When you do this slightly roll from side to side.
When you lift up your stamper you should have that a image like this below.

Once you have the image on it is now time to transfer it to your nail.
Make sure that the polish on your nail is dry. you don't want to smudge!
In a rolling motion, place the stamper onto your nail and press firmly roll from side to side.
This will transfer the polish from the stamper onto your nail.

Once your image is on your nail. take a cotton bud and clean around your nail and cuticle where the excess image went.
Then pop on a top coat.

The finished product.!!!

Some important tips........ Make sure when you start to stamp you have everything ready to go. Nail polish drys really fast and if you are not quick the polish will dry and not transfer to your nail.
Also don't be afraid to press down hard and rock the stamper, you are not going to break your nail or the stamper so go for it!!!!!!

You can get the stamper and the nail plate from BORN PRETTY and they offer free worldwide shipping!

PLUS!!!! as a bonus if you use the code CATG10 you will get an extra 10% off your purchase!!