Monday, July 29, 2013

It's BLOGFEST 2013 TIME!!!!!!!!!

THAT'S RIGHT!!!!! It is Picture Polish BLOGFEST 2013!!!!!

"The year of the Blogger"
"This year it is all about celebrating what us as bloggers do!"

I was super excited to be invited to join this annual event! And this year is even more exciting than the last!!! 

This year everyone who was invited to join  in the Blogfest were sent 3 shades of Picture polish and were asked to create nail art with them and only them ( a little black and white was ok too  )
And on top of that  everyone who has joined in the BLOGFEST 2013 gets the chance to win a special prize as well!!!

What do we win i hear you ask?? well, for contributing to the BLOGFEST we have the chance to win one of 3 opportunities to create a collaboration shade with Picture Polish for 2014! 

I KNOW RIGHT!?!?! How awesome would that be!!! i know exactly what i would want to do and name mine if i got the chance it would be one hell of a tribute to my 2 girls!!! 

So the  prizes that are up for grabs include 3 categories-  

1 award voted by the picture polish friends and fans
1 award voted by the blogfest 2013 peeps
1 award voted by Jules and Megs of picture polish

OK so  now i hear you shouting at me...... "come on Tara! what did you get???"  ...So here are the 3 shades of Picture Polish that i received......

I received
and the NEW collab shade

Now you may be thinking "woah! what nail art can you do with these 3 polishes??" and honestly i saw them and although each one of these polishes in their own right are AWESOME! i just for the life of me think could not think of any nail art! i was in a total kerfuffle with 3 totally different polishes and type of finishes that they have. 
I mean i had a jelly with holo, a creme and what i would call a glass fleck finish.  
I tried a bunch of different nail art,watermarbling and cling wrap manis that i did not like before my 11 year old Zoe (and a lot of my followers know my special little girl...and for you peep out there who don't, she is just as much a polish addict as me!) said to me "Mum ! they are the colours of the little mermaid!"

I have one word for that kid! GENIUS! 

So after drawing some pictures...... and i dont know if anyone else does this but i have a black and white pic of my nails laminated which i draw on with a whiteboard marker to draw what i want before actually painting it..... anyways here are my nails inspired by Ariel The Little Mermaid.

Now so ok it is only her torso! but i have nubbins ATM and pretty much that was all that would fit! but i got her scales and her bra so i think it looks like her!!!

Now i hear you ask how did you do this??
well below is a tutorial of how to get Ariels torso on your nails......

First up you will need the following brushes.

 Pop on a base coat and then 2 coats of Picture Polish Fairy Floss.

With the medium brush paint white polish where you want the bra and mermaid tail.
I did this so that when i paint on the other colours they would pop! 
(thanks Tammy for this awesome tip)

Next With the Med brush paint 2 coats of Picture Polish Attitude 
over the white where your bra will be.

Next do the dame thing with the Picture Polish Sea Jewel where
the tail will be.

Last up with the fine brush and black polish paint in the detail.
The scales, the bra detail and lastly using the dotting tool pop on a belly button.

And lastly pop on a clear top coat.

So there you have it! Ariel Torso nails!!!!!                      
I hope you enjoyed this post and the tutorial. Now for the important stuff!!!
 Where can you get these polishes???                              
You can hop on over to Picture Polish if you live in Australia and buy up big!!
The Shipping rates are reasonable and on top of that you can also pick up some
awesome Everyday Deals these include ( at the time of this post) buy 4 polishes and 
get 1 free or buy 7 and get 2 free.

Now what if you live overseas?? no problem check out the Network page
to see where you can buy overseas. There are many different options available 
to you on this page.

You can also check out Picture Polish and follow them in various ways-

Well i have had a blast joining in with blogfest! Don't forget to check out everyone elses
manis and tutorials via inlinkz below, and please feel free to follow my via GFC ,google +, bloglovin or 
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Until next time.....