Friday, July 19, 2013

A quick post of a pretty polish. Shades of Phoenix Ceto

hello there everyone!!
Today is a super quick post. i just wanted to share with you all a pretty polish created buy the wonderful Shades of Phoenix

This polish is called Ceto.

A beautiful shade of blue with glitter through out!!!!
for anyone who does not know who Ceto is here is a little history lesson for you.......

"KETO (or Ceto) was a marinegoddess who personified the dangers of the sea. She was more specifically a goddess of whales, large sharks, and sea-monsters (Greek ketea). She consorted with her brother, the sea-god Phorkys, and produced a brood of awful monsters : Ekhidna (the Viper), Skylla (the Crab), Ladon (the Dragon), the Graia (the Grey), and the Gorgones (the Terrible Ones).
As the mother of Skylla Keto was also called Krataiis (Of the Rocks), Lamia (the Shark) and Trienos (Three-Times). The last title equating her with the thrice-swallowing whirlpool-monster Kharybdis. Krataiis was also identified or confused with the goddess Hekate, a divinity whose power extended over the sea. There was also a Krataiis river in the territory of the Brutti, near the Straits of Messina in Italy."

Ok so enough of the greek god history lesson :)

Here is my swatch of this fantastic polish. i have 3 coats with a seche vite top coat. and a standard base coat.

Isn't it amazing???   

the application was fine and it dried a little slower than your store brought polish but that is what a fast dry top coat is for!!!!!

if you would like to purchase this polish you can purchase directly from Shades of Phoenix  for AUD $9.50 or if you are overseas you can purchase the polish from Color 4 nails or Mei Mei's Signatures