Thursday, July 25, 2013

Picture polish Festival Swatch and Review.

Hello there everyone!!!!
Today i have an awesome polish to share. Picture polish Festival
Now im a flakie whore! i loves me some flakies!!!! and PP Festival has been on my wish list FOREVER!!!! Finally i was lucky enough to receive it in my birthday group parcel from Nicki! (thanks Nicki xxx)
And well....i little tear rolled down my cheek when i saw it!

Here is the beautiful polish. It does not look much in the bottle i know but thats 1/2 the magic of flakies isn't it!!!!

So as most people swatch this beauty onto black i went for a slightly different shade. Cult nails Timetraveler.
Now if you read this post picture polish...... Pleeze oh Pleeze can you make a navy creme!!!!! i love cults nails but it would be more awesome to have a Picture Polish one!!! im just sayin!!!!

Ok so now i have had my little begging session to Picture polish, here are the polish swatches. As you can see i have used both bottles for my swatch shots :)

And now a swatch mattified!

Ok so the Details.......
Picture Polish Festival was full of multi colour flakies. i only needed 2 thin coats to get a really good coverage of the flakies on my nail. i was totally happy with this. The polish dried quite quick but saying that i did do really thin coats so i expected it to. My undies as i said before were 1 coat of Cult nails Time traveler. and i used a top coat of Seche Vite for the glossy shots and Essie Matte about you for the Matte shot ( i totally need to get my pinkies onto the G'day Matte top coat from PP ASAP!!!!!)

With all flakies they are very random so you get a different look on every nail! 

Verdict???!!! well i love it!!!! tho *Hint! Hint!* i would love to see some more flakies again from Picture Polish. and my dream?? a pure blue flakies polish. I NEED ONE!!!!!

You can pick up Picture polish over at their WEBSITE and dont forget to check out their Everyday Deals.
Overseas buddies??? check out Picture Polishes Network page to find where you can get yours!!!!!