Monday, July 1, 2013

Lokis Lacquer- Winter is Coming Collection

Today i have to share with you all my new collection of polishes.

 Winter Is Coming Collection.

This collection is a collection of polishes that has been inspired by the TV series Game of Thrones.

I just love this much blood and guts! Awesome!!!

Anyways i just had to do a collection with this show.

First in my collection is Fire and ice. This is a blue and red glitter bomb in a clear base with copper glass flecks through it. so you get the appearance of fire. I have swatched over blue ,red and white.All 1 coat.

Next polish is Halfman. I made this polish the way it is to represent Tyrion Lannister. he is always wearing a dark red and gold outfit of some type in the show and his leather vest reminds me of this polish. The polish is a deep red jelly with gold and black glitters. the polish is made to layer with 3 coats like i have in the swatch or 1 coat over a coloured base.

Next up is Lord of Winterfell. I really wanted to capture the stark banner with this polish and i hope that i have. This is a cream/pale greeny brown crelly with black silver and pastel green glitter. 3 coats for the swatch below.

My next polish is called Mother of Dragons. I really wanted to capture Daenerys Targaryen with this polish. so using gold silver pink and green glitters i created a glitter bomb to be layered. this polish does have a lot of large dots which will sink a little but with a good shake will be fine. this is 1 dabbed coat over camo green and pale pink

The next polish is called Our is the Fury. this is the house of Baratheon words on their crest.
I have created a yellow crelly with black and red glitters and a red glass fleck through it to just show how much blood these people have shed. the swatches are 2 coats.

The next polish is called Sword in the Darkness. this is to represent the nights watch and the dark cloaks they wear. This is a black jelly with many different silver glitters through out. swatches are 2 coats.

the second last polish is called The Iron Throne. well...this is what is it all about isn't it!!!
This polish is a grey crelly with lots of fine glitters in silver,gunmetal,patina,copper and bronze, trying to represent the complexity of the iron throne. the swatch is 2 coats.

And last but in now way least is i think my favorite polish and so far with the pre orders it too has been the most popular......Whitewalkers.
They are some seriously scary "things"people who die and then come back as cold as ice which cannot be killed....or can they....... Don't ever forget to burn your dead......
This polish is a pearly white base with tiny blue glitters to represent their eyes and lots of iridescent glitters along with a pearl matte white glitter n several sizes. but that's not all..... this polish is also a Glow in the Dark polish!!! When charged with either the sun, lamp or UV light this polish will GITD blue for up to 12 hours!!!
and what a bright blue it is!!
The swatches are 2 coats over a white base. as this polish is very translucent.

So there you have it! this Winter is Coming Collection. These polishes are available from today for order over at LOKIS LACQUER and are all $9.50 each for 12 ml full size bottle. There are only limited quantities of each but there are full sets available for $76.00 plus postage. I am happy to ship worldwide you just need to message me to organize the shipping :)

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