Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sally Hansen new magnetic polish collection - purple magnitude swatch and review

Hello there everyone!!!
Today i have a old but newly revamped product from Sally Hansen.

I was lucky enough for Sally Hansen to send me this polish to check out, use and share my pics with on their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Sally Hansen has re released their Magnetic polish range with new colours and magnets. No whats that i hear you say??? "OMG that is so 18 months ago??!!!" well personally that was exactly going through my mind when i saw they were re releasing these polishes.
But to be fair when they offered people to play with their new collection and to send a few out to trial. I jumped at the chance. I mean new formula?? new magnets?? what was going to be different to the old ones.????

Well i received the polish in the post a week ago. i was given Purple Magnitude.

First up, i quite liked the colour. i mean if the magnet was a flop i could still use it as a polish by itself.
So as with all polish i own, i swatched it on a stick.  At first  i was a little disappointed. The polish was really thin and i was thinking to myself this is nothing like the other magnetic polishes i own, they are all thick and almost 1 coaters!!!

So i then decided to swatch on my nails  next. I currently have clear gels on so i did not use a base coat. I did 2 coats which are quite thin and you need to make sure one coat is dried before doing the next of you get streaking.
Once the second coat was on each finger i then placed the magnet over my nails as instructed by the info on the utube clip i saw, and slightly rocked from side to side. 

I was pleasantly surprised!!!! even tho the polish seemed quite thin, when the magnet was placed over the nail the intensity of the purple in the magnet bits really stood out. i was quite impressed!!! and more so with the funky star pattern.

I would have liked the purple to maybe my more intense but even so, it is a very pretty polish.
I am going to have a go stamping with it later on but for now i did 2 manis with the polish.

The little gems look super cute in the centre of the magnet stars.

Over all im quite happy with the end result. tho i don't think Sally Hansen has "re invented the wheel"with this product i am sure there are a few of us who will purchase it for the magnet shapes alone.
Personally im keen to grab the fishnet effect magnet to play with :)

You can purchase Sally Hansen Magnetic effect polishes at Priceline for AUD$16.95. you will also be able to pick them up at many local chemists like terry white.